Laetitia Wolff started consulting in 2000 to provide a critical eye on all things visual and a multi-faceted understanding of the cultural value and strategic challenges of design. She has brought the same passionate design expertise to all the roles she has held since then, whether through her own research-action practice or through on-staff positions. Lately her interest has focused on the cross section of design and the city. As a design mediator, she combines a deep knowledge of design in all its forms, a belief in game-changing innovation with a knowledge in urban community organizations, nonprofits and educational institutions. She brings her personal connections to creative movers and shakers from here and around the globe in order to connect and manage the right talent with the right projects. Through this dynamic and flexible structure, she has honed a distinct vision of how design can be deployed as a tool to ask provocative questions, build collaborative labs and platforms, generate unique projects that challenge design’s meaning and own frontiers and foster communities.

Services include:

 conceive, curate and produce cutting-edge, provocative design content. Well-versed in non-traditional marketing, the dynamics of the international design industry, and exhibition and event production, Laetitia provides the highest standards of editorial and design direction.

 develop a creative and strategic outlook and participatory methodologies on projects bridging design and the city. Laetitia turns original design ideas into real-world projects involving and serving urban communities.

  identify critical elements of brand identity and transpose values into clear, integrated and compelling design and communication strategies. Laetitia has been committed to helping young design startups launch their businesses with solid communication first steps.

build partnerships and alliances by activating a global network of contacts in the art, culture and design spheres, to conceive collaborative projects with a focus on attracting new audiences. Laetitia has been operating as a design ambassador on both sides of the Atlantic.












photo portrait by Henry Leutwyler


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