Free Agents & Partners in Crime

Rori Duboff, dazzling digital strategist

Director for Ogilvy’s interactive strategy group, she currently focuses on developing digital marketing strategies for bluechip clients (in NYC and Paris), globe-trotter extraordinaire and oil painter. For futureflair, DuBoff helped launch the first days of the company and now advises on our website strategy.

Shailesh Rao, superiorly passionate strategist

Business development director at Tronic and Surface’s former executive editor, with a few stints at FormAvision and Rockwell: he excels at brand strategy and client relations, devising multi-platform marketing initiatives and signature brand extensions, and for futureflair, Rao brought two new young businesses and helped with the company’s strategy.

Nico Schweizer, the highly exact type

Co-founder of SML Office, a creative consultancy and branding office in Zürich, following 10 years in NYC. He designs fonts ofr the type foundry Schweizer designed futureflair’s logo and typeface, called Buzzer, as well as the (now defunct) first website for futureflair

Klitos Teklos, extreme image maker

Creative director at the boutique advertising agency Air Paris-New York, Teklos brings a keen eye for high fashion photography, innovative concepts and design, which he sharpened at AR Media and Surface magazine. Teklos designed the graphic navigation symbols for futureflair’s new website, based on Nico Schweizer’s original logo.

Doris Yee, sweet webmastress

A young information designer and web specialist, Doris Yee collaborates with image-makers, computer scientists, and social thinkers, to work in the fields of urban architecture, sustainable environments, and accessible technologies. She teaches code and design technology at Parsons, and her agency Yee/Dor programmed and designed the new futureflair site you are now visiting.

Aleksandar Maćašev, interactive agitator

Serbian-born, NY-based artist and web designer, fluctuates between applied and fine arts in the realm of digital media. Using mass media vocabulary, he addresses issues such as mass-media culture, religious bigotry, political hypocrisy and privacy and for futureflair, he designed the home page animation.

Sarah Shatz, empathizing portraitist

A New York-based freelance photographer specializing in portraits and film stills, her recent portfolio includes portraits of creatives at work, from actors to musicians, authors to foodies. She is a regular contributor to Newsweek, Esquire, Popular Mechanics, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Die Zeit, Variety, ESPN magazine, Time Out New York, etc. For futureflair, Shatz has helped document events, exhibitions, workshops and portraits of the founder as well as various designers.

Mirko Ilić, the eagle eye, mentor and dissenter

Founder of Mirko Ilic Corp., a multi-disciplinary studio specializing in graphic design, 3D animation, motion picture titles, and illustration, reputed for its strong and politically charged visual concepts. Former art director of the international edition of Time Magazine and the New York Times Op-Ed pages, Ilic is the author of several books with Steve Heller, including Genius Moves: 100 Icons of Graphic Design, Handwritten, and The Anatomy of Design. He has also written The Design of Dissent with Milton Glaser. Collaborator and inspirer for years, Mirko is responsible for instigating the Massin retrospective as well as numerous article ideas.